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Monday, November 26, 2012

What is Marriage: Holiday Traditions

What would marriage be without two different families to negotiate around the holidays? John and I got lucky; our parents live only three hours apart, so we're able to see them both over Christmas. Typically we spend Christmas Eve in Atlanta with his mom and Christmas Day in Aiken with my family. Although it was exciting to share each other's family holiday traditions after we met, it's been just as lovely to develop our own.

1. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
In Cleveland, John and I had an apartment that was too small for our little family. It didn't have a single closet, and you had to duck and bend in multiple directions to use the bathroom. Since John grew up loving Snoopy, I gave him a Charlie Brown tree that made our tiny living room just as festive as any other. Now I look forward to it every year.

2. Early Private Celebration
Before traveling to Atlanta and Aiken, the two of us have our own private Christmas, with a fancy dinner cooked together, wine, music, presents. It's something I hope we continue forever. (Also, we get to open presents four days early. Wahoo!)

3. Baking
John and I love making gifts for the people we love. We've made baking together each year a habit, which is really fun. In Cleveland, we made tons of tiny shortbread sandwiches shaped like gingerbread men with hazelnut spread in the middle. Last year, we even made jelly, the first science experiment I'd conducted since the 5th grade.

4. Herbie's Christmas Pajamas
The trap door says it all.

Tonight, we're drinking mulled wine and doing a little decorating. Can't wait.


P.S. From years past: Dating Christmas and Engaged Christmas


  1. Those are truly beautiful traditions, I think I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree the most.

    Happy Holiday!

    xo Magali

    1. Thanks, Magali! That's my favorite too. :)

  2. Love all of the above. :)

    John and I decided to run away to the beach for our mini-holiday personal celebration. At the same place we got married. Because we conveniently found a really good deal. I'm hoping THAT becomes a part of the holiday mainstay.

    Have a ball, y'all!

    1. Oh gosh, that sounds amazing. Extended honeymoon, Have a great time!


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