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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Gratitude: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. It's kind of incredible that in a country so preoccupied with consumerism, we have a day devoted to gratitude.

This year, I'm especially grateful that I married John Concklin, truly the best gift I've ever been given. His support, in big and little things, is unwavering. He has shown me what it means to take care of another person. Also, he does the dishes. Our dish washing philosophies are different. I would rather relax for a while after dinner and force myself to clean up later, and he would rather do them immediately. This, as you can imagine, works out very well for me!

I'm thankful for my mom, who helped give us a beautiful day to celebrate our marriage. Her support, too, is always there. She has given her life to her kids. I'll never forget the time that I was doing somersaults around the living room and rolled onto a small pair of unexpectedly sharp bunny ears. (Toys weren't so safe in the '80s) I screamed, and she was right there, hugging me immediately. Her reaction now is the same.

My little brother texts me every single day. We make plans and talk about girls, and he and Mom even surprised us with a fun visit this month.

My dog reminds me that all that really matters, anyway, is to love unconditionally. And have really good snacks.

I'm thankful for the hundreds and hundreds of women who have been active in the conversation about ideology and gender norms at Converse College. For my thoughts, see this final letter. I never expected such a huge response, but I am so proud to be part of this community. Although our concerns with the current administration remain, we have shown that we are willing to fight for progress, and for women.

My friends, both new and old, have been amazing this year. I've been having conversations with my bff Ellen for 10 years now, and they have evolved appropriately. Now, we talk about grown up things like how many days we can go without washing our hair. My friend Abby and I are determined to preserve the art of letter writing, though this year, we finally gave up handwritten letters for typed. My Greenville friends have proven what I already knew: this city is a hidden gem, with great people and places, and we are lucky to live here.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Sarah Josepha Hale and good old Abe gave us this holiday, and I'm proud that we've kept it. I'm proud that people find it worthwhile to do those "daily thanks" Facebook posts (though I won't be sad to see them go).

West Wing fans, don't forget the Butterball Hotline this year.


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