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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Knack Studios {Greenville, SC Art}

Yesterday I went to see my friend Barb at Knack Studios, and I have to share her with you. I stumbled upon Barb's work after finding some of her pieces at a local antique store. Her card was there with her studio address and I drove right over, thinking she might have a shop I could browse. She didn't have a shop, and she was actually right in the middle of a shoot for her book (available now for pre-order!), but she was so sweet and gracious and let me come in and look around anyway.

I fell in love with Barb's pieces, her work space, and her concept. She takes old furniture and gives it new life. Each piece ends up with a wonderful personality and seems to be taking - and giving - a breath of fresh air. What's even better is that Barb is a beautiful person; it's obvious in each piece she creates and each time I see her.

Those of you who live nearby can find her in the Far West End, and she has a booth at Antiques on Augusta. For my faraway friends, she has an Etsy shop and does custom work for people all over the country. In fact, if you're a Design Sponge fan, you might already know her

It's always so nice to find both a person and a business worth supporting. 

P.S. I own the electric blue chair pictured below, and it's one of my very favorite things.:)


  1. that pink dresser! that blue chair! i'm in love...


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