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Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Chosen Day

I've mentioned Chosen Day in the past, created by John's family to celebrate his arrival from Korea in February 1985. I look forward to it every year. It's a day to honor John and what a gift he's been to all of us.

We often marvel at the twists and turns that brought us together, and there were many. John went from Korea to Atlanta to Nashville to New Haven to Oklahoma, where I was waiting to meet him. Meanwhile, I started in Aiken and went to Spartanburg which took me to Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Oklahoma. And there he was.

Music was a key player. After John got to Atlanta, it dictated both of the paths described above. At any point, one of us could have made a tiny decision that would've prevented our lives from intersecting. John almost won two big gigs that at the time, seemed like his dream, but they would have kept him from Oklahoma and in the end, our marriage. His career would look different right now, but isn't that funny? The thing that looked devastating at the time now looks serendipitous.

We're so thankful for the moments - even the bad ones - that brought us this partnership.

Happy Chosen Day, John.
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