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Monday, January 31, 2011

For the Footsies

I haven't been able to stop wearing my menswear-inspired Oxfords this year, and don't expect the Spring to be any different. I just can't wait to see snow boots when I look under the bed.

Jeffrey Campbell: Fashionable and Wearable

You might be tired of the whole Melissa thing.
But before you give up, check out this sweet plastic oxford.

Give me color! Found @ Urban


I'm not sure why, but apparently Cleveland thinks it's news that another snowstorm is on its way. Instead of configuring heavy sweater ensembles and smuggling multiple pairs of wool socks out of John's drawer for the trek to work tomorrow, I've found other ways to amuse myself. 

Gmail's Marker Theme
(The little things.)

photo borrowed from here

Valentine's Browsing

Adorable at Urban Outfitters

Watching, Amazed.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Weekend:

Attempting to find time to play despite not having a day off. 

Thursday Night Sushi

excellent knife-work / cucumber-rolled tuna, avocado, and roe

Friday Night Dancing

I couldn't help it.

Trip to H&M ---  Incredible $35 Dress 
 (calling for a very special occasion, hint hint hint)
H&M's Valentine Bangle, $3.99

 Sunday Night Yoga

Wishing you a great week, my lovely friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I had time to read.

I got good news (stay posted).

I exercised creativity with ground turkey, with an improvisation on meatloaf.

I admitted publicly that I made meatloaf.
(Something I had never considered, despite my chronic addiction to impressing John in the kitchen.)

I enjoyed a bottle of wine that I found at Whole Foods for $3.60. Yes, I said enjoyed.

via Mary Ruffle

Wednesday Says

via Mary Ruffle

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life's toooo short.

via It's Mary Ruffle

In John's hometown - Marietta, GA - there's a billboard that says something about life being too short not to own cowboy boots. 

He doesn't know this, but between you and me, that pretty much sealed the deal.

And it just dawned on me - after a nice healthy salad - that life's also too short not to have a spoonful of Nutella for dessert. 


via Toothpaste for Dinner

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Off = French Press + Doggies

The dogs love when one of us stays home.

When Herbie wants a kiss...

...Herbie gets a kiss,

 steals one from Lucy when I'm not looking, 

and probably takes another from me.

Meanwhile, Lucy updates her blog.

Back to work tomorrow...

Craving New York

And if I could be there, I would see this.

Andy Warhol. Kiss. 1963–64. 16mm film (black and white, silent). © 

I would attend a class at Strala Yoga,
after reading about the Tara Stiles approach.
 She boasts a non-snooty, non-tribal, non-cultish style, which sounds pretty wonderful. 
(But hopefully not stripped of all psychological benefits;
a happy medium would be nice?!)
Image from the Strala Yoga Blog

I would eat these

while walking here.

And even though my own cords might be a little damaged,
 I know couldn't resist seeing Wozzeck there.

See poster.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Letdown in Film

I'm not too pleased with Cleveland right now. I've been planning on seeing Made in Dagenham this weekend, which was just given wide release in the US. Although it was playing at The Cedar Lee this past Monday, suddenly it's gone. A quick Googling showed that it's playing at multiple theaters in Ann Arbor...

Of course it is!

Looks like I'll need to visit Ellen sooner than I thought.

Three Cheers for Swedish Design

We all know that Scandinavia has us beat when it comes to clean, clever, and contemporary design. 
Wouldn't these make being at home just a little more fun?

Swedese Coat Rack from Huset
Tea Towels from Isak Blossom and Bill

Same Same But Different glasses by Muuto
(Muuto= "fresh perspective" in Finnish)

Unexpected wallpaper.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Know How I Love Word Art

May Day Studio
Sapling Press


A sweet Valentine from Joie Letterpress.

A Girl in a Tux

Tuxedo-inspired fashion for women.
Yes, please.
Bowties aren't just for boys.

Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Le Smoking suit of 1966

Somehow I ended up with a job that would encourage wearing this to work!

Puppy Love

Things are slushy today because it's actually above freezing, in January(!),
and some of the snow is melting.

Even more things to be happy about:

Double the canine love. We're keeping John's dog Lucy for two months, which is great for Herbie, a rescue who was traumatized early on by being locked in a storage closet. He is terrified of dogs (and sadly, willing to be aggressive), but Lucy's super patient and laid back towards him. She sees what I see -- that he's amazingly affectionate -- even in comparison to other dogs!

Herbie doesn't understand the concept of playing with dogs, but he's been showing some interest.
Last night marked their first official Tug-o-War. Yay Herb!

See what I mean?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekends are for Playing

And play we did.

On Friday, John gave his recital at the Cleveland Institute of Music, which went incredibly well - a little Haydn, a little Copland, some Rimsky-K, and a very happy teacher (not to mention girlfriend!).

Celebration ensued at Taste, where we ordered our typical Manhattan plus Martini duo - and John received a Scotch surprise after I found their delightfully extensive list. We then fulfilled our three-week pizza craving at Dewey's, where I was particularly pleased with their Seasonal Harvest Salad: Field Greens, toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Figs, Boursin, Nueske's Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, tossed with an Apple Cider Honey Vinaigrette. You need to try it!

The rest of the weekend was filled with the usual -- hot yoga, Trader Joe's, and plowing into Season 3 of Damages, the addictive Glenn Close drama that Ellen and Ryan got us watching.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, but for now there's sun. I'll take it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes, in the dead of winter...

...I just need neon.

Childhood Toys plus Grown-up Sleeves

Neon Yellow - - Give me more!!

via thxthxthx

Need some bubbles?

For Bubbles on a Budget, I recommend this, which has recently become a staple at our house. 
It's delicious.
You'll only be out five dollars, and your palate will thank you!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Teeny Tiny Valentines

Need a Valentine's gift? Look no further, lovely friends.
I know I would personally swoon if given one of these little necklaces, so very sweet and tiny.

The Smallest Hammered Heart from Willowsill

Customed Stamped Initials from Sarah Eln

Good Things!

The first week back in Cleve has been busy. I am attempting to figure out the next best career move, along with what location would best suit our little family. It seems that things are shifting into place, though, so we are very excited. We have a great feeling about what's to come. And I've been making exciting new friends and connections in Cleveland, which really makes it a pleasure to be here.

Sunday (off from work!) was a day with John: Spinach Frittata for brunch, a trip to Banyan Tree in Tremont (which led to the discovery of an excellent cupcake shop, A Cookie and A Cupcake, youneedtogorightnow), and hot yoga in Beachwood. Somehow I also managed to catch up with Mags and Ellen and get some writing done! I'll keep buying whatever coffee we're currently drinking.

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