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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Cedar Lee

I've managed to find Cleveland's equivalent to The Charles. It's not far from my house, and I was excited to locate a nearby venue for hard-to-find films. I think we can all agree that the charm of The Charles is hard to beat. The Cedar Lee offers a nice film selection, but beyond its sign, there's little in the way of independent quirk. The theaters and screens are very small, and they missed the memo about the big open lobby with tiny fairy lights. On the plus side, they're credit card friendly, and having cash to go to The Charles was always a challenge. (Or have they finally joined us in the 21st?)

But there's good news to go with the bad: I was surprised to be charged only $5 for an evening show! God bless Bargain Mondays. You better believe next time I'll forgo dinner in anticipation of a free medium drink with my medium popcorn.

Some of the best and worst films I've ever seen have been at The Charles (Coco & Igor was, unfortunately, the most horrible of all.), and I think I'll be spending my fair share of time at The Cedar Lee. It will surely grow on me. After all, my expectations might be unfair - every theater probably can't have abundant sangria flowing into its entryway via an attached Tapas Teatro. So until I can make it back home, The Kids are All Right at Cedar Lee with one-dollar-off-candy will be just fine.

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