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Monday, September 6, 2010

Cleveland Weekend

Labor Day weekend proved to be the first time that John and I were not bogged down in unpacking obligations. Sure, we may have put off the bathroom's desperately needed finishing touches, but it was totally worth it!

Last weekend our exploring limited itself to Dewey's Pizza, a nearby restaurant that did not disappoint (Thanks, David!). I highly recommend The Billy Goat, which boasts lots of fresh veggies and goat cheese. 

My one and only friend in Cleveland is a guy who escorted me to Cairo in 2004 (best trip of my life). He happened to have a milestone birthday this weekend, and John and I went to celebrate, make new Cleveland friends, eat subs in the middle of the night, and sign up for flag football. We are super excited about football, and I promise not to shout "Yay Feminism!" every time I mess up. (Season 2, 30 Rock, Ludachristmas.)

As much as I dreaded the onset of fall, a few things this week have gotten me more excited: I get to revisit my Powderpuff Roots with the help of Shawn and his lawyer friends; our team is named Bob Loblaw; I can finally turn on the oven to make things like Maple-Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes; I no longer have to gasp for breath while falling asleep in our non-air-conditioned apartment; and, I'll admit it, I got a really fun sweater that I can't wait to wear with the boots that will surely be pulled out any day now. Boots are never ever lacking in personality.

Also, my boyfriend greeted me after work with candles everywhere and homemade vegetable soup. Life is so good.

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