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Monday, May 30, 2011


We just finished a week-long artist residency program at Yellow Barn, which was a great success. And besides, when is it not a treat to hear the complete Beethoven quartets?

My original suspicions are confirmed. The people here are so nice. But their overwhelming graciousness is matched by their intelligence, which means there's never a dull moment. For the most part, these people have fascinating backgrounds, but live in Vermont because they just really love it. 

Over the weekend I met some Sheep, learned a little bit about gardening, and got offered fresh eggs from the backyard as a party favor. 

1975 New Yorker

Memorial Day Scenes

Today felt truly American. 

After I finished at work, we took a walk, found an outdoor BBQ pit next door to our house (see below), drank cold beer, and hung out with our new friend Lisa.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Work is busy, but I'm so happy my little family is together again. I'm having a great time introducing John to new friends and thinking about our new home, pictured here!

At the sight of those recycled barn beams, local iron work, and open space, we dumped the little (way too little) yellow house for this sweet, closer to work, and less expensive pad. We have our own little yard, and we're going to plant stuff.



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Again

1. John will be here in two days. I absolutely cannot wait to share Vermont with him.

2. This Chipmunk said yes to a photo shoot.

3. Yellow Barn begins in three weeks, and a lot has to happen before then.

4. I miss Herbie uncontrollably.

5. I took a Sunday morning walk today, and it was a delight: great views, birds with fancier houses than most people I know, and working on John's
birthday gift (secret!).

6. I opted out of yoga, but it leaves me wanting to do it even more tomorrow. I haven't found a studio here that I'm in love with yet, but there are several that will do the trick.

7. There are fields and fields of Dandelions around - wishes waiting to be made.

8. Plan your fall hiking or winter ski trip to Vermont. We can go apple picking and horseback riding. And if skiing is what you're after, you can teach me?



Friday, May 20, 2011

Temporary Home

It's gardening time in Vermont; people here love to plant things! I can understand why, though - everything is light green and lush, renewed after winter.

These are in the yard of my temporary host (and great new friend), Gennifer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This advertisement rings true. Vermont makes you feel good. Really good. I don't know what it is, but I swear my feverish aches disappeared last week as I returned from Vegas and drove back into Putney.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Morning Drive

Let's just say that a drive through the Vermont countryside while listening to Mumford and Sons is good for the soul, and better than any church service.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Of Fewer Words

Hi friends.

The past two weeks have been so busy that I've become more inclined to quick picture posts than anything; however, this trend is not for lack of things to tell you. I'm practically bursting at the seams with love for Vermont and excitement for our new life.

We had a great time in Vegas with some of our closest friends - John's college BFFs. I could devote another blog entirely to the ridiculous spectacle of that city, but suffice it to say that I won 115 smackers, saw a gorgeous Chanel collection, and found a 10 foot tall slot machine.

I had a Yellow Barn meeting yesterday at Rice Mountain Estate. We are hosting an event there in June, and it is breathtaking. The views are unbelievable, and the home is New England whimsy like I've never seen. I could hardly stop gawking long enough to talk business.

That's pretty much how I feel every day. Vermont is gorgeous, and I've decided that that must be why the people are so wonderful. They aren't tired like Clevelanders or jaded like Baltimorians. They are fresh-faced and cheery, and it makes a big difference. They are eager to be helpful, whether it be job-searching for a fiance they haven't met or looking for a Herbie-friendly apartment. There's something in the air.

John's really excited, too, and has some fantastic job leads already...

                          Start planning a visit!

all photos taken at Rice Mountain Estate

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


1. Rain in Brattleboro is much nicer than rain in Cleveland. It's not cold and biting, and it doesn't make you hate the day. It's sleepy and gentle and actually kind of nice.

2. I get really excited when Kashi comes out with a new cereal. I give you, Berry Blossoms! It's exactly like Captain Crunch, minus the HFCS that leaves that weird coating on your teeth....plus berry. So good.

3. The yoga studio I tried last night was a great experience. Best of all, they have a swing, and I got to hang upside down for, like, 15 minutes. Imagine all the benefits of inversion without the crazy balance and strength workout--- really nice for a change! It's just like one of those fancy inversion machines that look like Satellite Dishes at the gym, but it's just rope and a little fabric. The childhood, monkey-like nostalgia makes it even better.

4. I am very busy at Yellow Barn. There's so much to do. Everyone keeps telling me my life is about to go nuts, but I like it.

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