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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Again

1. John will be here in two days. I absolutely cannot wait to share Vermont with him.

2. This Chipmunk said yes to a photo shoot.

3. Yellow Barn begins in three weeks, and a lot has to happen before then.

4. I miss Herbie uncontrollably.

5. I took a Sunday morning walk today, and it was a delight: great views, birds with fancier houses than most people I know, and working on John's
birthday gift (secret!).

6. I opted out of yoga, but it leaves me wanting to do it even more tomorrow. I haven't found a studio here that I'm in love with yet, but there are several that will do the trick.

7. There are fields and fields of Dandelions around - wishes waiting to be made.

8. Plan your fall hiking or winter ski trip to Vermont. We can go apple picking and horseback riding. And if skiing is what you're after, you can teach me?



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