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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


1. Rain in Brattleboro is much nicer than rain in Cleveland. It's not cold and biting, and it doesn't make you hate the day. It's sleepy and gentle and actually kind of nice.

2. I get really excited when Kashi comes out with a new cereal. I give you, Berry Blossoms! It's exactly like Captain Crunch, minus the HFCS that leaves that weird coating on your teeth....plus berry. So good.

3. The yoga studio I tried last night was a great experience. Best of all, they have a swing, and I got to hang upside down for, like, 15 minutes. Imagine all the benefits of inversion without the crazy balance and strength workout--- really nice for a change! It's just like one of those fancy inversion machines that look like Satellite Dishes at the gym, but it's just rope and a little fabric. The childhood, monkey-like nostalgia makes it even better.

4. I am very busy at Yellow Barn. There's so much to do. Everyone keeps telling me my life is about to go nuts, but I like it.

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