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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loganberry Books!

I'm in love.

I mentioned spotting this bookshop last week, but I didn't realize it was anything special. I thought it was a regular old used bookstore: delightfully grimy with yellowed yet more affordable paperbacks.

A glance at the website just doesn't do it justice. That cat is disconcerting, first of all, and the old-world charm you find when you step inside is not immediately pictured.

What I found was a thoughtful used, rare, and very old collection. I spent well over an hour reading personal inscriptions on the insides of books that were given as gifts in the mid-nineteenth century. A miniature children's picture Bible from 1840 was among my favorites. A turn of the century "Book of Wisdom" was delightful, given as a gift in 1904. A super-miniature book containing a collection from The Brothers Grimm caught my eye; it was bound in navy leather with gold accents - apparently an addition to a lucky father's collection in the late 1800s. And needless to say, the vintage Nancy Drew collection was nothing short of thrilling.

Strong Bindery is conveniently located inside the shop, which is surprisingly huge. There is a gallery featuring rotations of local artists, a huge Literary Arts room, and "The Sanctuary," featuring the rarest of the rare and their special collections.

I've already decided that many Saturday afternoons will be spent getting lost in Loganberry Books. 
You should really try it.

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