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Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Things!

The first week back in Cleve has been busy. I am attempting to figure out the next best career move, along with what location would best suit our little family. It seems that things are shifting into place, though, so we are very excited. We have a great feeling about what's to come. And I've been making exciting new friends and connections in Cleveland, which really makes it a pleasure to be here.

Sunday (off from work!) was a day with John: Spinach Frittata for brunch, a trip to Banyan Tree in Tremont (which led to the discovery of an excellent cupcake shop, A Cookie and A Cupcake, youneedtogorightnow), and hot yoga in Beachwood. Somehow I also managed to catch up with Mags and Ellen and get some writing done! I'll keep buying whatever coffee we're currently drinking.

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