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Monday, November 5, 2012

Alanis, Feminism, and '90's Girl Rock

This is for all my friends who, like me, sang impassioned renditions of "Head Over Feet" behind closed doors in the '90's, felt appropriately confused and enraged when they found out You was Uncle Joey, and thought "Ironic" was the most poetic thing they'd ever heard in 1996. (It's okay, we were 11.)

Alanis recently wrote this piece about Feminism, and the remnants of middle school Lauren couldn't help but click. The path to her point is convoluted, but eventually she makes a good one: while the Masculine and the Feminine are indeed different, we all harbor elements of both. Allowing them to work alongside each other is essential and allows one to complement the other in a way that could provide society with the unification we've all been wanting. 

Eight years after we all put one hand in our pocket, Alanis provides her commentary on what Jagged Little Pill was - or what it was working towards. Some of us may have beat her there, but it's nice to know she's on board. 


  1. LM! You write extremely well. Gotta be that education. This post is so true. Maybe you should suggest the masculine/feminine balance to our alma mater and see what they do with it.

    1. Lauren M, thank you so much! Thanks for reading! Hope everything is going great for you.


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