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Friday, November 16, 2012

Update for Converse Women

I continue to be overwhelmed by your heartfelt explanations of why you believe we must hold Converse accountable for the image that Roxie projects.

While many of you may be hesitant to sign because of the financial implications, let me be very clear: those of us who have signed to not want to withhold support from Converse in her time of need, and we do not want to refrain from attending events. Instead, we have faith that Converse will respond to our concern, leaving us free to support her.

Please reconsider signing to support the values we want Converse to maintain.

Going forward, we need a plan. We are currently developing one that will be presented over the weekend. The goal is 1,000 signatures by Wednesday.

I plan to take action before Christmas and move quickly.

If you have suggestions for steps to take, or if you would like to be part of the committee, please message me on Facebook.

I'm so proud of us; let's do this.



Side by Side Comparison of Roxie and a Copyrighted Image 

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