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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Women Should Vote

 Happy Election Day! 
From one of my favorites, Lisa Congdon.

A sash from the Suffrage Movement
I feel like we could wear it now and make another important point.

Don't let these ladies down today! Make it count.


  1. Erm, so I thought I WAS following your blog, but it's not been showing up in my ding-dang RSS feed! No bother, I'm appropriately stalking you via the Twitters. Carry on.

    AAAAND your comment over on the wedding post was pretty stinkin' awesome, and YES, you were there in the John & Celia infancy... we are so lucky to have fun people who remember our awkward days. Well, MORE awkward.

    Of course I just loved your wedding, too. Like, really really.

    If you're in A-town over the holidays, we can bring our Johns and even our pups for a playdate. ;)

    1. Omg, it's like a new friend...who's an old friend! I didn't even think about possibly being in Aiken at the same time. This is exciting. Thanks for reading the blog. So happy to have any readers, but especially really nice friends. :) Yay Twitter! And I will look for you on instagram.


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