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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Five Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

5. Spend two weeks helping your boss perfect the holiday decorations at the Murray Hill Galleries, climbing ladders, standing on old windowsills, and balancing on top of rolling staircases while being wheeled from high arch to high window and back again, in the end loving the Winter Wonderland created...much more than expected.

4. Suggest and convince said boss to order and play Ella Wishes You a Swingin' Christmas, the best holiday album of all time hands down, at work every day.

3. Successfully bake Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving, slightly late but delicious nonetheless, and enjoy. I used this recipe, subbed whiskey and dark brown sugar, left out the orange, and used a dash of vanilla (a few walnuts too). The result was sinful.

2. Cook with apple cider. Do everything with apple cider. Smell apple cider; bathe in apple cider. John and I recommend this Roasted Butternut Squash, which we paired with chicken sausage and cabbage.

1. And finally, give the sweet Boyfriend who grew up loving Charlie Brown the gift you've been excited about for weeks and weeks.

Here we go, lovely friends. It's December!
Happy, happy holidays. 

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