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Monday, November 1, 2010


My family loves basketball.

My dad played forever; I started when I was six; and even my mom played when she was young. Both little brothers have played their whole lives, and Dad coached us all. So, Justin's first college basketball game is a milestone for us.  We're so proud!

Our height doesn't hurt us. My dad is 6'4" - I'm 5'10" - and Justin is a regular giant at 6'6". He shoots well from the outside, but what I really love about his game is the passing. It's fantastic. Beautiful passes go to places no one expects. In the past, they've been known to surprise even his teammates.

Basketball was always special to my dad and me. It was our thing. It was the one activity we could always do together, just us. For years.

For that reason, this cheeseball segment from Father of the Bride has brought me to tears more than once...and not just because I love Steve Martin. Dad and I started with Pistol Pete videos and had a state championship somewhere along the way, and to be honest, I doubt I'll ever stop missing those games of Horse in the driveway.

So for the next four years, I'll be cheering for the Lee University Flames. Go Justin. If you're lucky, I might even give you the orange and white basketball I got when the WNBA popped up in '97.

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