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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Weekend

I'm excited to report that my first day off in weeks did not disappoint! It's been nothing short of amazing. John and I slept in, caught up on grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, played in our last regular season football game, visited Great Lakes Brewing Company with the team, and came home to watch football while I made our favorite Chili with cornbread and Stuffed Mushrooms.

John surprised me with the leather jacket I'd become uncharacteristically obsessed with - a close-fitting asymmetrical design in gunmetal grey.

I got the idea when I saw this look on Jennifer Aniston in Switch; it looked fantastic, but I didn't think I'd be able to find, much less own, the perfect grey jacket. My sweet boyfriend proved me wrong.

Team Bob Loblaw took us to Great Lakes Brewing Company specifically to try the (in)famous Christmas Ale, which is brewed with honey, fresh ginger, and cinnamon. It manages to be delicious but not sweet or heavy. Incredible.

Great Lakes was also fun for me because it will have to be the Cleveland Brewer's replacement. Granted, it's not three blocks from my apartment, but it'll do. I felt right at home - it had a similar lower level and everything! And my fierce Mt. Vernon loyalty makes it very hard to say this, but the beer might actually be...better.

All the more reason for you to visit, folks.


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