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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Past Two Weeks

I spent a glorious night in Athens, GA with my two best friends from college. We went shopping, wore crowns on our heads, and danced ourselves silly. It was amazing.

John and I tried a fantastic restaurant and can't wait to go back. Felice has our vote - it's in a cozy little house that manages to be both quirky and sophisticated. Their inventive cocktail menu has me excited to return for the Reverse Happy Hour - 10 pm 12 am Fri and Sat - what a great idea! The menu was created with Spanish, Mediterranean, and American influence and a lot of imagination. Delicious.

Waiting for me on our chalkboard after work.

John and I went to a Halloween party with our Team Bob Loblaw and had a great time. We were Angel and Devil; I'll let you guess who wore the halo and who wore the horns.

I can't believe the end of October is here! I was sad to find out that work will require me to stay in Cleve for T-giving, but we're making the best of it with lots of fun cooking and plans for our little family.

My friends are beautiful.

Next on the docket...? Apple cake!



  1. I love this one. And I love you, so much. Did you forget a little detail? Maybe a Vegas run in or two?


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