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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maxwell-Concklin Christmas

Don't get me wrong. Christmas isn't over. John and I are still very excited to see both of our families, go South, celebrate, see Justin play, and celebrate again!

But because tonight is for cleaning, yoga, and packing, our special dinner in Cleve was yesterday. A little early. But it was perfect, because I don't think either of us could wait another day to exchange gifts.

Tomorrow I work, and then we hit the road for the first half of our trip to Atlanta. So excited!

Here are some highlights.

Herbie asks very nicely for his stocking.

I got home from work to find a clean house,

candles, incense, and presents,

and Herb, bathed and dressed in his Christmas PJs.

For John's Mom 

Furry Sidekick

Here's to going South and seeing loved ones. Happy Holidays to all!

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