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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks to Liz

I have a really dear friend named Liz. We went to graduate school together, but our friendship didn't really flourish until we acquired the same bizarre church job. We got paid to sit in an organ loft, listen to a crazy, smelly Scotsman play the organ and tell inappropriate jokes, and use our favorite books to drown out a long-winded pastor who annually bestows her congregation with pet rocks. Liz endured my half-asleep "I woke up at 7 on a Sunday" demeanor and offered some really great advice along the way.

The two of us, unfortunately, live in separate parts of the country, but gchat and a knack for emailing have served our friendship well. And when I have the dollars to travel, you better believe Austin is high on my list.

At her (never disappointing) suggestion, you've got to see the following:

My mind is spinning with living room concepts based around this chair.
Think rustic but soft, with lots of natural woods and neutrals, letting this piece speak for itself but with a few whimsical touches. A mantel of old pictures and clocks, and below a yellow coffee table?

from inhabitat.com

This is Anna-Sofia, spotted by Hel Looks, who says
"I'm wearing my aunt's old jacket from the 70s, my friend's beanie and my roommate's boots. The backbag is always with me. I don't buy new clothes. I don't want to be part of the culture of consumption. If I need more energy, I wear orange. If I want more peace and calm, I wear blue.”
Liz said I would love this, and she was right. Anna-Sofia has my vote, from her awesome use of texture to the annoying culture of consumerism to the effect of color on your mindset.

I have tomorrow off! The plan is to have another date with John, see a daytime movie, and celebrate with friends at tomorrow night's Murray Hill Galleries Holiday Open House.

And one week till we drive South!

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