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Saturday, December 4, 2010


So LeBron returned to Cleveland this week. It caused...quite an uproar. Everyone's been talking about it, and whether they are mad at the Cavs for losing or mad at the Cavs for hugging The Guy the City Loves to Hate, the collective emotions are anger and embarrassment.

The restaurants downtown are hurting because LeBron's fandom no longer frequents them. There is constant discussion of LeBron's terrible ego and his notorious failure to tip Cleveland's food and bev-ers. There are conspiracy theorists coming up with possible reasons he left at every turn. All of it makes for interesting conversation, that's for sure.

As a newcomer to Cleve Land, I think the city has a really interesting dynamic to observe. Cleveland is tired. They placed all of their faith and hope and energy and optimism in one guy. Now it's drained, and Cleveland feels betrayed. Until the wound heals, finger pointing is really the only thing that can be done.

But Cleveland has a way of getting you where it counts. I've only been here for three months, and somehow they already have me on their side. I already feel so sorry for the Browns that I really want them to win. And despite my fierce loyalty to Baltimore, I find myself wondering how the Ravens could have possibly been so cruel, turning their back on Cleve Land, Ohio!

This article is one you have to read. It's an explanation of Cleveland's exhaustion, viewed through the lens of sports, and, of course, Mr. LeBron James plays the starring role.

Enjoy. And if you visit me, maybe you'll find yourself hoping a Cleveland team wins, too.

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