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Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Quiet

You may think my lack of recent posts should be attributed to lazy days on the lake, trips to the ocean, and cookouts with friends. Summer at its finest. That has not been our schedule, though the past month has been delightful in its own way:
  1. New jobs. For both of us! Within the same week. I'll tell you more about those later.
  2. Home improvement. By this point, John is such a pro at painting that he's considering a third job. Not really. But now we have beautiful Dolphin Fin, White Dove, and Jeweled Peach walls! Photos coming soon. 
  3. Friends. You may remember my post about the difficulties of making friends as a grown up. Almost as soon as I posted it, my life exploded with friendships, new and old. Ask and you will receive? 
  4. I've been to Aiken for family-related visits twice this month. It's so nice to be a bit closer when important things happen. 
Here's hoping your Labor Day Weekends were lovely.


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