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Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Wedding {Rehearsal Dinner}

On Friday night, everyone headed to our Rehearsal Dinner at Rose Hill Estate. People tend to have tunnel vision looking towards a wedding reception as the big event, and it's true that the wedding requires tons more work. It was so special, though, to have everyone at the more intimate Rehearsal Dinner. To have best friends and family all together over cocktails and a nice meal is unforgettable.

The dinner was the first time in the week that John and I got to stop rushing around to bask in the fact that our wedding was the next day. It was very sweet - and moving - to hear John welcome the room and say how excited he was to be marrying me. :)

Josh loves John. 
John loves Josh. 
They look out for each other.

It means everything to me that two of the most special guys in my life get along so well!

I loved seeing my Dad have such a good time with all of our favorite people. We have always been close, but the wedding week gave us more time to spend together and a chance to reflect on how special our relationship is. Love you, Dad!

Ellen and I were dubbed Bobbsey Twins by our RA at Governor's School in 2002, and she was the best MOH ever. After dinner, we had to walk home over a little wooden bridge. My stiletto heel got stuck between planks on literally every step, and while I was laughing too hard to do anything about it, she dutifully yanked it out each time. 

A special thank you goes to Carolyn, John's mom, for making such a beautiful evening happen!


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