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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Wedding {Ceremony 2}

Our longtime friend Sue helped my vision for flowers become a reality. I told her I wanted them to look slightly wild, with lots of peach and yellow and soft orange. Not only did she do a gorgeous job - she was also a joy to have around. It makes a difference to surround yourself with sunny people during a time that everyone seems to think should be stressful. 

John and I are both classical musicians, which is probably why we didn't want that style for our ceremony. We had been thinking fun, laid back, and "bluegrassy" all along, but when I decided to walk down the aisle to a folk song, it sealed the deal. I remember being surprised to hear singing when I walked out expecting instrumental - and laughing in the back of my mind, thinking if this is what will "go wrong" today, it's fine with me.

John's sweet mom had a lace gown made just for the wedding, and I love this photo of my two handsome brothers walking Mom down the aisle. She looks so happy!

 Beautiful bridesmaids. 

Our flower girl Tally is completely at home in her own skin, which I just love. She took her petal distribution very seriously before plopping down in the grass to enjoy the ceremony. :)

John and I opted to have a religious ceremony, while also selecting secular readings for reach other to be read by very dear friends. John chose an A.A. Milne piece for me, and I chose two poems for him.

Through the first half of the ceremony, I was dying to hold John's hands. Our minister didn't tell us to, though, so when we finally did, we squeezed very tightly. 

Both of us felt strongly about writing our own vows from day one. I wrote mine ten months before the wedding when suddenly I knew exactly what to say, and John wrote his a couple of months before, but we kept them a secret until the ceremony.

Hearing John's words left me crying, and it was hard to follow with my own. I laughed later when I heard how I punctuated each and every one of my sentences with a huge sniff. :)

John and I had our rings designed to match by the lovely Ananda Khalsa, and we love that they don't look like anyone else's. 

I could. not. wait. to kiss my new husband.

I love seeing how happy our friends look in the background and how my sweet little brother was trying so hard not to step on my veil. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Maxwell and John Concklin!

Thanks for reading, friends! See the first half of our ceremony here
Coming soon - friends, family, and reception. 

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