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Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Wedding {Party}

I knew this before the wedding, but my friends are seriously amazing. My bridesmaids are the most warmhearted, fun group of women. 

There's Ellen, whom I talk to all day, every day about everything you could imagine including my lunch- Mary Carolyn, who is busy with a new baby and pharmacy school but is there in a second if I need her - Tara, who made music videos with me during childhood and has looked out for me at every bad moment in life - Brittaney, who has known me the longest and understands where I came from - Grace, who is like a sister and will crash a party with me at any time - and Maggie, who met me at the beginning of adulthood and offers understanding and acceptance like I've never known.

I love this shot of Green Boundary Club, the gorgeous site of the wedding. Everyone there was so accommodating and truly a pleasure to work with, making the day feel easy.

I love John and his men in this masculine room.

So handsome - someone at the wedding called him the Asian Don Draper, which I loved. :)

When I asked myself what everyone in this photo might have in common, I realized it was loyalty, and I love that. 

This photo includes more important women in my life - Honorary Bridesmaids. My lovely "big sister" Megan is one of my favorite people in the world, and I claimed the others right out of John's Vanderbilt group. They accepted me as their own right away - told me funny stories about John in college - and did a ton to make our wedding special. I got so many great friends out of this relationship!

These people make me incredibly happy. Love to you all.


See ceremony photos here and here, and if you don't mind, I'll share more soon!


P.S. My main priority when it came to choosing what our bridesmaids would wear was to keep it affordable. Let's be honest; they probably won't wear it again, and I wanted them to enjoy the experience rather than think about money the whole time. It was so hard to find inexpensive dresses! $175 was the best I could find, and I searched high and low. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that TARGET had a bridesmaid line at $70 a pop. They also offered varying styles and shades of grey like I wanted. Highly recommended! 

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  1. Your colorful garden wedding party photos are looking stunning. We are also willing to have a lovely bohemian inspired party at one of the garden themed Chicago wedding venues. The location has not been decided yet and hoping to find a good location soon.


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