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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Balloons and Michelle Obama's Style

Going back to work after a holiday weekend makes me daydream about being this guy, what about you?

In other news, I'm struck by our graceful and beautiful first lady. Yesterday's symbolic choices in attire were sophisticated and reflected the mood of this entry into Obama's second term, demonstrating that style has a depth that is ignored by many. Behind the scenes, she took iPhone photos with her daughters and supported her husband and her country, as lovely and genuine as always.

And if you haven't heard the President's introduction of her at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball, you should listen. So sweet.

Still from the Red Balloon (1956, Albert Lamorisse)


  1. i love that photo! thanks for sharing it!

    totally agree with you on the first lady... she is an impressive woman!

  2. I so agree, Michelle can do no wrong, fashion-wise. I missed the inauguration yesterday, so I think I'll go listen to that introduction now :)

  3. Gosh, I just love Michelle. She is up there with Jackie, for sure. It makes my heart smile to see her and Barack together... you can tell that they truly love and respect each other. They are such great role models for their daughters!

  4. Agreed, Michelle looked amazing yesterday! It's so refreshing to have a first lady whose style is so sophisticated, graceful and classic while still being completely unique.

  5. love that image - totally wishing that were me today. and michelle is flawless.


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