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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In December, as I felt myself mentally slowing down in anticipation of the holidays, I imagined a very productive and energetic January. I had plans to buy and learn Elements, and I envisioned endless yoga classes and a lot of reading. As it turns out, this month is just the opposite of what I planned. The only things on that list I've touched are a couple of books.

On New Year's Day, when my grandfather passed away, it set an unexpected tone for 2013. The invigorating feeling of a new year was dampened by loss, and somehow, even two weeks later, my energy is still lacking. John got bronchitis the next day, which he's been fighting since, and I got sick the next week - we've been quite the pair. Both of us have wanted to take care of the other but haven't been in the best condition to do so. When it rains, it pours, right?

This has been a good opportunity for me to practice staying calm and taking the unexpected in stride. Not being able to work out leaves me feeling lethargic and anxious, so I have to remind myself often that yoga and my strength will still be there next week or whenever everything has settled. Not getting started on our painting projects or working on this blog as planned starts to frustrate me, but then I realize that cultivating negativity and regret about the delay makes the process miserable. And if you remember, I promised to make the process joyful.

My January is no longer about taking strides and moving ahead. Now, it's about resting, getting well, and introspection. And that's okay.

Photos from SK's Chicken Noodle Soup, which I would give almost anything to be eating right now.


  1. I definitely understand why you might feel anxious about not getting the start to your New Year that you had planned. But you're totally right - yoga and all your other goals and plans will be there when you're feeling better again, hopefully sooner than later! Rest up and feel better soon!

  2. Hope y,all feeling better.........UF & AB

  3. it is okay! remember, tomorrow is always a bright shiny new day.


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