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Monday, January 14, 2013

Minimalist Fashion and Everlane

Minimalist fashion has become so appealing to me as of late. Androgynous styles for women are so sexy, and the clean lines leave me feeling put together and professional. I love the way minimalism highlights the face and simply lets it be the focus. I find myself wearing the same pieces constantly, and Everlane has played a big role in this, both in inspiration and execution.

I love wearing oversized shirts of John's, and when Everlane released their men's Oxford in the fall, they styled it on one of their female models as well, which I loved. 

I considered the white Oxford for myself, but instead I got their grey silk top and wear it constantly. Any lovers of a classic silk blouse will know that a nice one costs around $200. Everlane's is far less, but the silk feels amazing, because they decided to source the very best fabrics, eliminate the middle man, and get the goods to you and me without the retail markup

When Everlane launched in 2011, they advertised a fancy t-shirt without the fancy price. When I finally tried the Ryan months later, I became a believer. Incredibly flattering, and so soft. I wear it all the time: to work, out on the weekends, and to the grocery store.

Design lovers, fashion lovers, and bargain lovers - Everlane is for you.

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  1. I love minimalist fashion! Thank you for sharing this...I'm definitely going to check out Everlane!

  2. Agreed. Simple tops are my go to for any occasion. I have certain shirts that are constantly in rotation because they're so easy to wear and to mix up with different accessories. Everlane's silk shirts look amazing!

  3. i keep meaning to order some tees from them to try it out and never remember... i may finally need to do that this weekend! thanks for the reminder!


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