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Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Wedding {Reception 2}

Slifer's toast. You can tell how sweet it was by the looks on everyone's faces. 

I love seeing our guests' faces in this cake shot. Everyone's wondering will she or won't she (I didn't). 

(Neither did he.)

This beautiful lighted tree was just outside our reception, beside the site of the ceremony. 

I love this photo with our adorable ringbearer and flower girl. And those are her parents looking on in the background! 

The Flower Toss is usually exciting at Converse weddings.

Jeefy forever.

There are only a few people in the world John that make John look this excited. David is one of them.

My dad and I had so. much. fun. 

Mom and John!

Josh had been planning this train all week!

Not sure what was happening on the ground here, but glad I didn't see it. Would have ripped my dress for sure.

Our ceremony photos are here and here, our wedding party is here, decor here, and more reception here. Thanks for looking, friends!

And thanks to (once like a spark) for the wonderful photos.


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  1. The lighted tree is simply majestic and magical! And a lot of dancing at the reception, I see. =D You must have a very spacious reception area to do the train dance! Did everyone get to join the dance? LOL!

    Libby Duppstadt


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