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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was great.

John and I celebrated being engaged for one whole week. Although I had to work Saturday, we had plenty of fun on Friday (yoga and dancing) and Saturday (Turkish food) nights and of course our favorite day, Sunday.

This is exciting: I made my first wedding purchase yesterday! I recently found a fantastic vintage store in Chagrin Falls, where I bought a gorgeous white silk wrap dress from the 40's. I went back today with John for a few little wedding must-haves that I wanted to pick up before someone else did. I would love to post pictures of them here, but I think that would ruin the surprise, no? 

As if that didn't excite me enough, there was a light pink lace gown at this shop that I tried on for fun. Somehow it fit perfectly, length and all. It's from the late 20's or early 30's (pre-zippers!!!) --- with a lot of delicate handwork. So pretty. I told the owner that I was going to have to wait on the dress, and she just gave it to me! She said that it fit me, I appreciated it, would actually wear it, and that was good enough for her. How sweet! It's in amazing condition. Hopefully eventually I will picture it here.

This shop I keep mentioning is well worth visiting, and I'm going to miss it if I leave Cleveland. (More news to come!) The vintage clothing collection is beautiful. Usually I have to sort through a bunch of uglies and just look to enjoy the old styles, but these are so carefully selected...I had an armload of things to try on that were actually wearable.

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