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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yay Herbie

So this is mostly for our Moms. And probably Maggie. The rest of you might find it boring, unless you are particularly entertained by crazy dogs, or John Concklin's struggles with a digital camera.

Herbie is the dog who insists on holding my hand every day. He licks everyone incessantly, and he always puts a paw on my leg or his head in my lap if I cry. But like I've said before, Herbie wants to rid the world of other dogs. As a rescue who was kept in a closet and never socialized, his fear of dogs sometimes brings aggression. Needless to say, "playing" with another dog was out of the question.

And, okay, I'll admit that the tug-of-war pictured a few weeks ago was prompted by me. But believe it or not, Herbie and Lucy now play. Like, playing with one toy -- together. It's a canine miracle.

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