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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday? Bring it.

Monday! I'm ready for you.

I'm ready for you because this weekend was perfect.

The weekend was for a date at Crop Bistro. Sure, it may have taken an hour to dig the car out after Cleveland's plows targeted our poor little Corolla, but lucky for us, a New Yorker with a shovel was roaming the streets and willing to share (but only when he saw us resort to kicking, oh, and pulling a small ironing board out of the trunk).

This weekend was for a good day at work (website coming soon!).

The weekend was for dancing at a bar that plays really weird music.

This weekend was for the hardest yoga class I've ever experienced. Or maybe it was that I had to make up for lost beach time - but I think it was just the hardest.

This weekend was pretty normal. But lucky for me, pretty normal has become pretty wonderful.

(And I feel pretty thankful.)

Cheers, friends!

Wishing you a lovely week (and Cleveland some sunshine),


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