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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chosen Day

John's family always celebrates the day he came to them from Korea. Chosen Day. Hearing his mom talk about it will get you right in the heart. It's incredibly sweet. And this year, I'm very happy to be celebrating too. 

If I hadn't been a musician, I wouldn't have met John. If I hadn't gone to Converse, I wouldn't have gone to the Performing Arts Institute, which is (indirectly!) how we met. Same for him - conducting took him to Yale which took him to me. It took many years and states and schools and plans to get us together, even though we grew up only three hours apart. Funny how that works.

Alladin's for lunch - where they puff up a toasted pita and fill it with greens.

Tokyobay watch for John - obviously made for him. I've been wanting to buy it for months.

The dogs love John a little bit extra today, too.

Herbie hugs John.

the sweetest
Lucy and Mahler 4
 superhero get-up

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