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Monday, October 8, 2012

Baltimore Nuptials

Megan and Rob are married!

I went back to Baltimore this weekend to celebrate their now official life together. They throw an incredible party, which will surprise absolutely no one who knows them. The wedding was at Gutierrez Studios, an industrial venue that's like a really giant, fancy woodshop. There are tools everywhere. But not in a bad way. It added to the charm and kept everything feeling laid back. The ceremony had more laughter than any I've ever seen, a little bit of quintessential Meg and Rob and their reminder never to take anything too seriously. It was also super sweet, because what's a wedding without some botched eyeliner and smudgy mascara?

Throw in a giant red cake in the shape of a crab, a little potted succulent on each table, and amazing music, and suddenly you have the perfect party.

Oh, and really good call on the kimchi. Every wedding guest should be so lucky.

Megan, Rob, congratulations and happily ever after! I'll be back soon to camp on your roof.

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