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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Curtains

Hi, friends!

After my long bout of bronchitis and busy travel schedule, I needed this past weekend to watch movies at home with John and recover. We did get a little done, though, like hanging art and curtains that have been sitting around for the past few busy weeks without a home.

And, I can hardly believe this myself, but I made a curtain. With my own two hands.

After Carrie from DreamGreenDIY explained how easy Heat'n Bond is, I knew it was the solution for my weird kitchen window.

We also added long, sheer curtains to our french doors in the back. It's amazing how different fabrics change the feel of a room. Suddenly that space is softer and cozier and feels more like home.

Here's our newly dressed window.

Thanks, Jess and Carrie, for the inspiration.


  1. Looks great, Lauren! Aren't no-sew curtains the best??

    1. Yes Carrie! A chevron backup pair next..


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