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Monday, April 4, 2011

Baltimore Recharge

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My heart longs for Baltimore.

First of all, my fiance and my friends are amazing. Friday night was a whirlwind of fancy dress, the Helmand (best ever), and a surprise triple party - the lovely Patrick's birthday, my birthday, and our engagement. Champagne was flowing, and some of the best people I know were there. Absolutely perfect.

Big, huge thanks to Megan for knowing how to throw one hell of a party. Her blogging partner Lauren deserves a thank you, too, for making the best truffles I've ever had. When they open their bakery/bar/cupcake/coffee shop/whatever it's going to be, I'm going back to Baltimore to move in above their shop and be that girl who's always there. It's decided.

Baltimore has style. Cleveland doesn't. I tried to find it in Cleveland, but it's just...lacking. The East Coast buzz is calling my name. Cleveland's attitude is way different, and you can feel it, especially on a Friday night at a "hip restaurant." And until we figure out our next stop, an East Coast weekend here and there will just have to do the trick.

Saturday was for more friends and Hampden. Although I'm back in Cleve now, I'm already plotting my next visit. John I would be totally fine with finding great jobs there and...

Thank you, everyone, for being so wonderful. Hugs all around!!

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