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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is Marriage: One Whole Year

It feels just like yesterday that I woke up with all my closest friends and started the day that would end with a husband. But unbelievably, it's been a whole year.

John and I spent the weekend on Kiawah Island celebrating. The Sanctuary is a magical place, a rare, perfect combination of beauty and hospitality. We daydreamed about the weekend of our wedding and how much it meant to share each moment with our friends and family. We thought about this past year, our first with a marriage certificate to back us up. We drank beach cocktails and bedtime cocktails and ate (so much) delicious food.

In my vows, I said to John the love we share is greater than you or me, and undoubtedly it's as a unit that we offer the most to the world. It becomes more clear that this is each true with each passing day. John allows me to be what I am, while pushing me to be something better - but without trying. Pushing sounds forceful, and it's the opposite of that. Maybe inviting is a better word. He invites me to be something better.

I said you elicit the best from me, and more importantly, you love me most when I'm at my worst. Still, this is true. I said knowing you is the greatest gift I've ever been given. By some miracle, he feels the same. It's humbling that he agrees, that I could also be that to him -- a gift. I'll keep trying every day to be a positive force in his life, and I'll continue to marvel that he can love me when I fail.

Maybe that's what marriage is. According to Aunt Sis, it just keeps getting better.

Please excuse my self-indulgence! There's no way to express the range of emotions surrounding how grateful I am for our marriage and anniversary, but these photos take me a little bit closer. Thank you for your endless support. xo.

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