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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've been quiet.

Only because I've been having a great time:

I've been hanging with my puppy.

I've been finding pretty landscapes.

I've been baking cookies. I recently made it my personal goal to make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies...ever.

(John made me promise not to give anyone the recipe. Not kidding. He also requested that our wedding cake be CCC.)

I made delicious Halloween treats.

We also dressed as a neon-and-denim-on-denim-with-sneakers couple for Halloween. We had a party entitled "No Child Left Behind" and were instructed to dress as our favorite childhood memory. We were the '80s. I had scrunchies galore, and John looked like the Asian Zack Morris. The best thing about is that we had friends nearby! and a party! with great people! YAY. It's so great being here.

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