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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dog Moms are People Too

Motherhood teaches you a lot of things, I think. Right now the people who think dog moms aren't real moms are probably rolling their eyes, but I don't mind too much. All I know is that there is a tiny, relatively helpless being who counts on me for his health and happiness, and I feel an intense responsibility to meet those needs tenfold. Motherhood - the desire to nurture, extreme concern for another's well being, a sense of obligation that you welcome. Feeding and holding and staying awake at night if it becomes necessary. Or even if it doesn't.

Herbie had a bad grooming experience this week. His hair was cut too short, and he had some razor burn that got infected as a result. His little bum and tiny groin have been hurting so badly, and he keeps putting it down, everywhere, so gingerly. Pitiful. This dog is an explorer - a protector of our home and of his mother, and to see him unable to complete his walk, desiring nothing more than to collapse in a tiny little ball left me feeling horrible.

I took him to the vet. I got advice from a wonderful groomer. I realized I'm a little crazy when the vet technician said "I'm pretty sure Herbie will be okay, but I don't know about you." I gave a maniacal little laugh, having thought my anxiety was hidden the whole time.

I'm okay with it. I'd be an advocate for ten little dogs if I could. Speaking of which, have you adopted yet? You've gotta try it. Motherhood sings your strengths and highlights your flaws, and it feels impossible to escape either. Two stiff drinks from your husband, I've found, help alleviate the latter.


  1. Poor little guy! Bad grooming experiences are the worst; I've had my share with B. Luckily, I've found THE BEST groomer, and she listens to me but changes the plan if she needs to based on what's going on with B that day. I totally trust her for doing this, and I appreciate that she'll call and tell me what's really up.

  2. aw that's the saddest! My little pup hates the groomer most of the time too and won't sit on his bottom for a few days when he gets back :(


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