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Friday, March 15, 2013


Recently I posted about an attempt to find opportunity in disappointment. Rather than dwell in the negative, for once I made a conscious effort to move forward. Somehow, it worked and brought good things faster than I thought possible.

I found myself asking questions about my purpose and goals and how I can meet them professionally. If that sounds like a cheesy, horrific self-help exercise, it probably was, but it helped. I realized I'd rather be doing something to help people. Period. But wouldn't it be nice to help people while doing something I enjoy, and how do I manage that? Right now I help change kids' lives in SC - a select few, and with many parameters - but knowing that gets me through the workday.

When one professional opportunity ended last month, it helped me refocus on my intentions. I became intrigued by studies on social entrepreneurship, the role of women in social entrepreneurship, and my interest in for-profit companies who focus on doing good, a la Warby Parker. I looked for projects to work on, and John and I brainstormed problems we could potentially solve with a project of our own. Though our ideas were intriguing, we lack the money, the time, the everything to make them happen. A nagging voice kept telling me I could probably be most useful by combining my natural empathy and communication skills to be the voice for other people's movements. Finding the chance to do that professionally, however, seemed impossible given my background.

Enter Prosper PR. I stumbled across them on Twitter and was intrigued by their mission. They're a marketing communication firm that intentionally looks beyond brand and product, instead making their focus social impact and cause-based initiative. They want to help people who are doing good.

I started following the founder's blog, The Impact Innovators. Soon Prosper was looking for interns, and I wrote a letter that felt far-fetched, mostly because it began with the words "I'm not in Chicago." To my delight, they were willing to consider remote work for the right person, and I'm honored to begin next week.

It seems like, maybe, when you finally realize your purpose, or part of it, it can fall together easily and at lightning speed. My relationship with John happened that way. It's thrilling when something just comes to you. John calls it allowing yourself to be pulled through life rather than pushing. The lack of struggle is almost eerie, because the things before the right things - artistic, professional, romantic, whatever - felt like fighting every step of the way.

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  1. LAUREN! Clearly I need to venture back to Greenville for a non-"day job" conversation, because it's fascinating how much this post resonates with my current "itch" to get back into the world of service-above-self (and employ my long stifled creative skills). I feel fortunate to have my position - I DO - and it's providing a much needed safety net and an opportunity to grow as a professional. But MAN, I long for the day I can be back in the trenches and feel "good exhausted" - know what I mean?

    Clearly I have a long way to go because I made this all about me, BUT, I am so proud of you for reaching out and making small steps towards being a happier, more fulfilled person! I can't wait to hear how it all goes and follow your new adventures. Seriously. :)


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