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Monday, March 4, 2013


Every year I write about how much I love March, and this one should be no different. Two years ago I was sitting in Cleveland snow, about to get engaged, and last year I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the amount of support I felt from friends and family as we approached our marriage.

This year, nothing quite so exciting is on the horizon, but that's okay. We still have sun, tulips, the promise of spring.

January and February are awful. I feel less productive and less happy, there's no color, and the tunnel seems to have no end. But then there's March.

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  1. TOTALLY agreed... January I can mull through because I'm still high on all the Holiday and New Year craziness, but then February is just cold and gross and BLAAAAH. I wish March would warm up just a little, but it's off to a promising start! And sometimes it's exciting to not have anything exciting... :)


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