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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

American Grocery

Last week, John took me to the restaurant I'd been dying to try since moving to Greenville. I was fighting off bronchitis, sure, but I refused to miss the celebration of our Second Anniversary at American Grocery.

Although I expected great food, I didn't realize we'd be blown away. We went through all of the best meals we've had - Woodberry Kitchen, FIGL'Albatros, and Hungry Mother, to name a few- and were surprised to realize that AGR actually beat them all - right here in our new little city!

While they couldn't top FIG's amazing bartenders and Manhattan/Negroni Menus, John did have a martini that was made of Vodka hickory smoked to order. Yeah, it was amazing.

Maybe we just happened to choose the perfect combination on the perfect night. Maybe we'll have to go back for round two to see. And then three.

After seeing John hand me a tiny box over the table, our server came out with a little bag of handmade candies saying "I think I heard it was your birthday." She might have had the wrong occasion, but the gesture sure won my heart. Adorable.


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