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Saturday, September 17, 2011


This weekend, I stepped back into the '20s in an Atlanta bar that mimics an old speakeasy: Prohibition

It is amazing. Read this article.

You can't get into Prohibition unless you know someone. Said VIP enters and if you're lucky, provides you with a phone number (It changes periodically, so don't get your hopes up). You step into a bright red telephone booth, dial secret number, and a mysterious door is opened for your entry. Waiting inside is a timeless mixture of cocktails, cigars, mahogany, amber, and leather. 

The cocktails - "prescriptions"- are made with old-fashioned techniques and historical recipes. Ice is chipped from a 300 pound block. And apparently they took a hint from Mad Men, because they make smoke so sexy. See below.

Perfectly spherical balls of ice make an amazing Scotch list all the more enticing. 
Rule number three reminds a gentleman to offer his seat to a lady. 
I was with the one and only Jennifer My Bones Hamilton. 
What a perfect night.

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