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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's what's making me happy this month:

Green Mountain Orchards
1. It's Blueberry season in Vermont. It's incredible. Every day for breakfast, I have the biggest, sweetest Blueberries I've ever tasted.

2. My fiance. He is amazing. He covers for me in my office at times when he knows I need a break, taking away from his own time to study music. He makes me want to marry him more every day.

3. Lisa Kang and Jason Kim. Helping me squeeze social activity into my summer schedule. Although I  moved from Baltimore, I'm still making friends there and want it to be home.

4. Herbie. He has always been a hugger, but these days he's even more inclined to cuddle when I get home from work. 

5. This 5 inch orange sherbet colored butterfly.



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