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Monday, January 13, 2014

Greeting 2014 & Looking Ahead

I recently asked John what word best described our 2013. Unfortunately he didn't hear "our" and said "twerk" without hesitation.

At the New Year, I shy away from hard, fast resolutions and opt instead for adjectives. Words I hope will paint my decisions over the next year. Concepts that describe my intentions and might eventually bridge the gap between what I want to happen and what actually happens.

When I asked John again for 2013 words, he gave momentum, change, challenge. 

I agree. I was scrappy, working hard, searching for answers, and he was, too. But on the other side, we realize now that we did gain momentum. It feels good, like we got some answers and have a plan.

The words I've chosen for 2014 all invoke a sense of calm. I'm letting anxiety related to career and future go and trusting the path that's emerging.

On New Year's Day, we did 108 Sun Salutations to welcome the beautiful new year. 108 symbolizes many things, but for me, it meant 108 physical prayers, or meditations, for 2014. The words became my mantra.

John described our hopes for this year nicely: in 2013, we worked hard to build our ship and cast our sails. Now, we just have to let the wind carry us.

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